Can you click and collect at Euro Car Parts?

What happened to Euro Car Parts website?

The century-old Andrew Page brand is to be dropped as owner LKQ Europe rebrands its UK factors under a single identity. Both Andrew Page and Euro Car Parts will rebrand as ‘LKQ Euro Car Parts’ as part of a phased roll-out.

Can I collect car parts during lockdown?

While the collection, delivery and distribution of vehicles and parts remains permitted, this must be carried out in compliance with current Coronavirus / COVID- 19 precautions. Travel for work purposes is permitted, but only where work cannot be carried out from home.

Can you use Apple pay in Euro Car Parts?

No, Euro Car Parts does not accept Apple Pay. … RealTruck ( is a brand like Euro Car Parts that does accept Apple Pay.

Is Euro Car Parts trade only?

Euro Car Parts has opened a trade-only website that will run in addition to the consumer site. … The entire ECP catalogue is available including mechanical and collision parts, tools and workshop consumables, with each product identified by a photograph.

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How do I cancel an order on Euro Car Parts?

To exercise the right to cancel email customer services on, or call 0203 474 0500, or write to us at Euro Car Parts Ltd T2, Birch Coppice Business Park, Danny Morson Way, Dordon, Tamworth, England, B78 1SE to inform us of your decision to cancel your order by a clear statement (setting out …

Are car parts essential travel?

What if my car needs urgent work/a repair? A. Garages and service centres have been deemed by the government as ‘essential‘, and are therefore open to offer vital repair services. If you need urgent repair work, for example, to repair a puncture, to help you carry out essential travel, contact your nearest garage.

Can I buy a car in Tier 4?

Are car dealers open in Tier 4? No. Non-essential retail in Tier 4 areas closed from Sunday, December 20 and the new areas announced on December 23 will close from Boxing Day. It means car dealers will return to a click and collect solution for those who want to buy a new or used car in Tier 4 areas.

Will garages close in full lockdown?

Garages to remain in operation

While non-essential shops, services and venues will be closed during the lockdown from 5 January 2021 onwards, garages and car service departments are allowed to remain open for servicing and repairs.

How long do Euro Car Parts hold reserved items?

Click & Collect is an easy way to check the stock, latest price and reserve products at your local Euro Car Parts store. Click & Collect is available for all products and if in stock at your selected store, items will be available in 30 minutes for collection and held until the end of the next working day.

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Does Euro Car Parts take Amex?

Q: Can I use Amex at Euro Car Parts? Note: If accepted, Euro Car Parts may only take your American Express card online, at some stores/franchises/branches/online, over the phone and/or via mail order, on all or some products and services.

How long do car parts take to arrive?

Most simple parts for most cars are delivered in an hour or two, or even quicker if the supplier is close and not too busy. Less common parts can take a day to be delivered from a larger warehouse. Some parts might need to be special ordered and can take several days to get to the mechanic.

Do brake discs come in pairs?

So, do brakes come in pairs? Brake pads are sold in sets of 2, and brake rotors are sold singly. Each wheel requires two brake pads. You must replace both pads on a wheel at the same time.

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