How do I know if I have a e4od transmission?

To determine which is used in your vehicle, follow these guidelines: If the shifter has a P-R-N-OD-D-1 pattern, the transmission must be an AOD (applicable to 1980-1993 vehicles). If a 1989-1993 truck has an Overdrive Cancel Switch and a P-R-N-OD-2-1 shifter pattern, then it is equipped with an E4OD transmission.

What vehicles have the E4OD transmission?

The E4OD transmission was introduced in 1989 and used in the Ford F series until 1998. Additionally, it was used in the 97-98 Ford Expedition, 90-96 Ford Bronco, and 89-98 Ford E series. The E4OD is based on the original C6 design with the addition of computer controls, an overdrive gear, and other minor changes.

How can I tell what transmission is in my Ford truck?

How to Identify Ford Transmissions

  1. Take a picture of the transmission. …
  2. Measure the distance from the bellhousing to the rear of the transmission.
  3. Look at the transmission pan and note the shape and the number of bolts. …
  4. Find the year of the vehicle the transmission came from.

What’s the difference between AOD and E4OD?

The main difference from the AOD automatic overdrive ****** is that the E4OD shift points are controlled by the computer or ECM , while the AOD is not. It is controlled by shift linkage from the motor. The AOD has it’s share of problems, but so did the earlier E4OD’s up to about 95/96 when they were improved.

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Can I replace a 4R100 with an E4OD?

The E4OD PCM won’t have any problems controlling the 4R100. Just leave the speed sensors in the 4R100 case to plug the holes. You don’t need to connect them because the E4Od computer isn’t capable of reading them.

Will a E4OD interchange with a 4R100?

All E4OD pumps are completely interchangeable. In 1998, Ford intro- duced the 4R100; one of the four pumps made for this unit is inter- changeable with the E4OD pump — as a complete assembly.

How much does it cost to rebuild a E4OD transmission?

Depending on the amount of updates that are needed and what you want the tranny to do. $1000 to about $3500 clams to rebuild the E4OD. The heavy duty or extreme rebuilds will be on the high end of the scale. This type of rebuild will be all new parts.

How much HP can a E4OD handle?

As long as the 7.3L Power Stroke goes unmodified, the factory E4OD will generally live a while. Although, it can still be killed at the stock 210 hp and 425 lb-ft level with heavy abuse.

Can I tell what transmission I have by the Vin?

Does VIN Number Tell Me About My Transmission? Yes, the Vehicle identification number reveals information about the transmission of the vehicle. The Vehicle identification number is a 17-digit number where each of them has a unique meaning that is associated with the vehicle.

How do I identify a transmission Toploader?

The Toploader 4-speed transmission is identified by a small metal tag riveted to the right side of the case. The first line is the transmission’s ID number. The second line is the serial number.

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When did Ford stop using the C6?

The C6 transmission is a three-speed that appeared in most Ford trucks between 1960 and 1997. Ford stopped using the C6 in most of its trucks, but the transmission is still commonly used in drag racers today.

Is the 4R70W transmission electronic?

The AODE and 4R70W transmissions were an all-new AOD case designed for electronic interaction with engine controls. The AODE and 4R70W are essentially the same AOD-based transmission.

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