How many types of car mirrors are there?

There are five different ways that side (or wing) mirrors can be constructed.

What is the mirror formula?

Suppose an object is placed u cm in front of a spherical mirror of focal length f such that the image is formed v cm from the mirror, then u, v and f are related by the equation; 1/f= 1/u + 1/v. This equation is referred to as the mirror formula. The formula holds for both concave and convex mirrors.

Which car mirror is most accurate?

As a result you should always check your mirrors in pairs – the rear view mirror and then either / or both of the wing mirrors. This should give you an accurate account of what is behind or to the side of you at any time.

Where do we use concave mirrors?

Concave mirrors are used in headlights and torches. The shaving mirrors are also concave in nature since these mirrors can produce enlarged clear images. Doctors use concave mirrors as head mirrors to have a clearer view of eyes, noses, and ears. The dental mirrors used by dentists are also concave.

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