Is Kaveri engine a failure?

GTX-35VS Kaveri
First run 1996
Major applications HAL Tejas, HAL AMCA
Number built 9

Why did Kaveri engine fail?

After several more years of futile development and supplementary financial assistance, the MoD in 2010 uncharacteristically listed five reasons for delays in Kaveri’s development: technological complexity, lack of critical equipment and materials, engine technology denial by advanced countries, absence of domestic …

Why did Kaveri engine fail Quora?

Let’s start with the problems the Kaveri engine faces — decayed performance at high altitude, combustion flicker, insufficient thrust and noise at high throttle testing. Leaving out the noise, the rest of the issues are with the engine core, where the main phenomenon is high pressure combustion.

Is India developing jet engine?

DRDO’s Gas Turbine and Research Establishment (GTRE) has been working, in collaboration with other research labs, to design and develop India’s first fighter jet engine, Kaveri, but there has only been very limited success in the last three decades.

Which engine will AMCA use?

The AMCA is to be powered by two afterburning turbofan engines mounted side-by-side in the fuselage, fed by Diverterless supersonic inlets (DSI). The initial plan was to equip an uprated Kaveri engine developed for Tejas, but Kaveri engine programme was shelved due to suboptimal performance.

Is DRDO a failure?

The DRDO has clearly failed in its mission. There is no bigger indictment of India’s premier organisation for research and development in military hardware than the fact that 54 years after its establishment, India still imports 70 per cent of its defence equipment requirements.

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Why can’t India build fighter jets?

Jet engine designs, optimised to the peculiarities of India’s specific atmospheric conditions including particulate profile, temperatures and weather, will be difficult to deploy.

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