What engines fit a c6 transmission?

The C6 was used in trucks and cars with larger engines. Five different bell housing varieties exist for use with various Ford engine families: The Windsor pattern was used on the 300 I6, the Ford Windsor engines and the 351 Cleveland. The 460 pattern was used on the 351M and 400 and all of the Ford “385” engines.

What Motors bolt up to a C6 transmission?

The 351m, 400, 429, 460 all bolt up to the C6 transmission without any adapters. But if you want a 429 or a 460 you need a kit for it to be able to fit into the engine bay without problems such as control arms, steering, exhaust, motor mounts, etc.

What does a C6 transmission fit?

Also, the C6 transmission was used in high-performance vehicles as well as trucks with more significant engines such as Ford trucks, passenger cars, and Lincoln cars. The C6 was evident in the Ford F-Series between 1967 to 1996 as well as the Ford Bronco between 1978 to 1991.

Will a C6 transmission fit a 302?

A c6 will fit but you need one with the smallblock bellhousing pattern FE pattern is different. A 302 should do fine put a mild cam in it a 4 bbl intake and a good set of headers.

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Will a C6 transmission fit a 351W?

— No, that 351W will not bolt onto your 351M C6. — No, all 351W engines used the 351W bellhousing pattern, shared by the 302, 289, 351C, and 300-I6. — Your C6 uses a pattern shared by the 351M/400M (same engine block), and 429/460.

Will a 351c bolt to a C6 transmission?

the 351c has the big block bolt pattern just like the 460. the c6 trans. will bolt right up to your 460. No, will not work.

Which is better C4 or C6 transmission?

The C4 transmission was primarily used in cars. The C6 transmission could handle more power. Due to the ability to handle more power, the C6 transmission was used in many Ford trucks with bigger engines, and in larger cars that were manufactured with bigger engines.

How Much ATF does a C6 take?

It requires 7-quarts of Type FA transmission fluid with the stock pan, plus an additional 2–4 quarts for the torque converter.

How good is a C6 transmission?

The C6 is the strongest, most durable light duty automatic Ford has made. It was designed in the 60’s during the horsepower wars. The E4OD / 4R100 is not necessarily a “crap” transmission, it is based on the C6. A lot of the problems came from the programming.

Will a C6 fit in a Foxbody?

Active Member. the bellhousing is an integral part of the c6 tranny, meaning it does not come off. so if you are getting a c6 from a big block, it won’t fit a 302.

Will a C6 fit in a 1964 Fairlane?

There is pretty much zero room for headers on a 1964 Fairlane with a 351C. You can convert your 6 cyl to a V8 using factory V8 Fairlane parts, but the 289/302 is all that really fits without a LOT of hassle.

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Will a C6 transmission fit a 390?

No, C6 transmissions are engine family specific as the bellhousing & trans are a one piece casting ie, small block C6 will only fit Cleveland or Windsor, FE (390 etc) will only fit FE, & 385 series (429, 460 etc) will only fit these engines (but will also suit 351M & 400M).

What transmission will bolt to a 351 Windsor?

A T5 will bolt up to a 351W just like it will to a 289/302/5.0 engine.

What transmissions will fit a 351 Windsor?

A C-4 is a good reliable trans and will fit behind a 351W no problem. An AOD is another good option if you want taller gears and manners for highway cruising…

What transmissions will fit a 351 Cleveland?

The B&M C6 PreRunner/Trail automatic transmission is for use in RWD Ford applications with a 13 1/2-inch tailshaft and 5 1/8-inch separation of top bellhousing bolts. This transmission will work on 289, 302, 351 Cleveland and 351 Windsor engines (does not fit 351M engine.)

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