Your question: How much does a Steve Morris SMX engine cost?

According to Morris’s website, a full SMX engine package starts at $75,000.

How much does a Steve Morris engine cost?

Please call or email us for a quote on your project, or check out our online store as it is growing with more products. Pricing Starts at $45,000 For the Engine Only. Power Adder/EFI Packages Pricing Starts at $13,000.

What is a Pro Mod engine?

Xtreme Pro Mod is a 1/8th mile class designed for American production vehicles and is the most powerful class in the NMCA. Entries have the option to run either a 6cyl, small block or big block engine combination. All engine combinations are allowed to use gasoline or methanol fuel.

Which LS engine is best for drag racing?

The LS2 is one of the most adaptable engines, as LS1, LS6, LS3 and L92 cylinder heads work well on it. Making it easy to do a transplant, GM offers this LS3 crate engine. The bottom end includes a 6-bolt aluminum block, nodular crankshaft, high performance rods, and 10.7:1 pistons.

How much does a gallon of nitromethane cost?

Nitromethane used to power the engines of NHRA Top Fuel dragsters and Funny Cars costs about $16 US per gallon!

Do Pro Stock cars run 1 4 mile?

Pro Stock (NHRA, IHRA/MMPSA) Often called “factory hot rods” because of their resemblance to production-based cars (and because they must maintain a relatively stock appearance), and commonly known as “doorslammers”, Pro Stockers can record quarter-mile times in the 6.4 second range, and speeds over 210 mph (340 km/h).

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How fast do pro mods go?

These engines put out an extremely large amount of horsepower, some at approximately 2500 to upwards of 4000 H.P. The engines propel the cars down the track at speeds of over 250 mph.

How much does a Pro Mod car cost?

A new car with motor you can probably figure $275,000 to $350,000. I have heard of Pro Nitrous teams budgeting $50,000 per race for a 10 race season.

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