Your question: Is rolling coal bad for a diesel engine?

While we recognize diesel enthusiast’s love for diesel engines and the performance of their vehicles, the practice of tampering with engines and emissions controls for the purpose of generating excess emissions on demand – ‘known as rolling coal’ – is offensive, unsafe and harmful to the environment.

Does rolling coal increase power?

Rolling coal has origins in truck pulls, in which pickups compete to pull a heavy sled the farthest. Drivers modify their trucks to pump excessive fuel into the engines, increasing horsepower and torque.

How do I get my diesel to roll coal?

There are two ways to roll coal that I know of:

  1. Increase the fuel flow of your mechanical diesel pump. This way, whenever you press the gas pedal, smoke is gonna come out of your exhaust, usually for a limited amount of time.
  2. By restricting the air flow on your intake.

Why do tuned diesels smoke?

Engine speed in a gasoline engine is controlled with the air being allowed into the engine (via carburator or throttle body) Diesel engine speed is controlled by fuel volume. more fuel equals more RPM and power (to some extent) for this reason Diesel are more prone to this being visible as black smoke.

Why is rolling coal bad for you?

Poor fuel quality. Cool operating temperatures. High altitude operation. Excessive carbon build-up in combustion and exhaust spaces.

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Is rolling coal illegal in Texas?

Rolling coal violates the federal Clean Air Act which covers emissions for all states. … Texas abides by the federal law but there is also a state transportation code that prohibits altering automobile emissions. But, ironically, many coal rollers manipulate their trucks or cars so they pass the emissions tests.

Is rolling coal an assault?

“Coal Rolling” is the act of revving up a diesel motor to create torque, a legitimate act under normal circumstances turn illicit when doing it to cause harm to another fellow American. … “Coal Rolling” and “ICE-ing” is an act of protesting against emissions policies. Some say it’s an act of bullying terrorism.

How do I make my 7.3 roll coal?

The only way to get the 7.3 to roll coal is to increase fuel delivery by way of programming. Stock, as well as most aftermarket tunes, will not have excess fuel… maybe a little bit more in tow tunes but I’ve only ever noticed a bit of coal when in tow mode and shifting to a higher gear under load.

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