Frequent question: Does Euro Car Parts have warranty?

All parts purchased from FCP Euro are guaranteed for the life of the ownership of your car, even consumables. How does it work?

How does lifetime warranty work on a car part?

Limited lifetime warranty is warranty against manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear. It is for the lifetime of the part and not of the vehicle. The store would be able to determine if the parts are defective or not.

How many branches do Euro Car Parts have?

With more than 30 branches nationwide, Euro Car Parts truly becomes the leading national distributor of quality car parts for European marques.

Is Euro Car Parts trade only?

Euro Car Parts has opened a trade-only website that will run in addition to the consumer site. … The entire ECP catalogue is available including mechanical and collision parts, tools and workshop consumables, with each product identified by a photograph.

Do Euro Car Parts accept Apple Pay?

No, Euro Car Parts does not accept Apple Pay.

How do I cancel an order on Euro Car Parts?

To exercise the right to cancel email customer services on, or call 0203 474 0500, or write to us at Euro Car Parts Ltd T2, Birch Coppice Business Park, Danny Morson Way, Dordon, Tamworth, England, B78 1SE to inform us of your decision to cancel your order by a clear statement (setting out …

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Who founded Euro Car Parts?

How long are car parts under warranty?

All new cars come with a manufacturers’ warranty. These can last between three to seven years and should cover most faults except wear and tear of parts such as tyres and brake pads.

How long are auto parts under warranty?

Limited warranties on new vehicles usually cover the majority of car systems and parts for a few years. Most last up to three years or 36,000 miles, but this really depends on your car model, make, year, etc. Some will last much longer.

Do spare parts have warranty?

Warranty for Spare Parts

The warranty is provided for the period of 1 months from the date of the shipment. However, there are some products that have specific warranty terms and conditions. … Any possible product damage or loss during transportation is not covered by the warranty either.

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