How much do luxury cars cost to maintain?

Which Car Brands Cost the Most to Maintain?
Rank Car Brand Cost
1 BMW $17,800
2 Mercedes-Benz $12,900
3 Cadillac $12,500

Is it expensive to maintain a luxury car?

It’s not just repairs that are more costly. Many luxury cars use specialized parts or tires that are larger than tires from a traditional vehicle. The result is that even routine maintenance — brakes, oil changes, tire replacements — can be far more expensive with a luxury car.

Which luxury car has lowest maintenance costs?

Luxury Cars with the Lowest 10 Year Maintenance Costs

  1. Tesla Model 3. View the Tesla Model 3 maintenance schedule, predicted probaility of major repairs and expected costs per year.
  2. Tesla Model S. …
  3. Tesla Model Y. …
  4. Lexus ES 350. …
  5. Lexus ES 300h. …
  6. Lexus IS 350. …
  7. Lexus GS 350. …
  8. Tesla Model X.

Are luxury cars harder to maintain?

Another reason luxury cars are more expensive to maintain is that they generally suffer from more wear and tear if driven frequently. Owners usually drive high-performance vehicles faster and brake harder, meaning more wear and tear on brake pads and tires.

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What is the most expensive car brand to repair?

The most expensive car brands to maintain are those that necessitate high amounts of money for their yearly maintenance.

According to the research done by YourMechanic, these are the most expensive car brands to maintain over years:

  • BMW.
  • Mercedes-Benz.
  • Cadillac.
  • Volvo.
  • Audi.
  • Saturn.
  • Mercury.
  • Pontiac.

What is a good luxury car to buy?

10 Best Luxury Cars for 2021: Reviews, Photos, and More

  • Audi A7.
  • BMW 750.
  • Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG.
  • Porsche Panamera.
  • Genesis G90.
  • Mercedes-Benz E400.
  • Jaguar F-Type.
  • Audi S5.

Which cars have the most expensive maintenance?

Here are some of the most expensive cars to maintain over a ten-year period:

  • Chrysler Sebring. The Chrysler brand is known for its pricier upkeep costs, but the Sebring in particular is a costly venture. …
  • BMW 328i. …
  • Nissan Murano. …
  • Toyota Prius. …
  • Honda Fit. …
  • Toyota Camry.

Which SUV has the lowest maintenance cost?

Here is a list of the cheapest SUV to maintain in 2020 based on five-year ownership

  • Here is a list of the cheapest SUV to maintain in 2020 based on five-year ownership.
  • Subaru Crosstrek.
  • Mazda CX-3.
  • Hyundai Sana Fe.
  • Jeep Wrangler.
  • Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • Lexus UX.
  • Infiniti QX60.

What is the best luxury SUV with low maintenance cost?

5 Luxury Cars With the Lowest Maintenance Costs

  • 2020 BMW X3 xDrive30e. Conquer the riches of the seaside.#TheX3 #pluginhybrid. The #BMW X3 xDrive30e. …
  • 2020 Tesla Model 3.
  • 2020 Lexus UX 250h. It’s a crossover. …
  • 2021 BMW 330e.
  • 2020 Lexus RX 450h. Test-driving the @Lexus RX 450h:
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What is the most expensive luxury car to maintain?

Top 10 Car Makes That Cost the Most to Maintain

  • BMW: $17,800.
  • Mercedes-Benz: $12,900.
  • Cadillac: $12,500.
  • Volvo: $12,500.
  • Audi: $12,400.
  • Saturn: $12,400.
  • Mercury: $12,000.
  • Pontiac: $11,800.

Why are BMW so unreliable?

It isn’t the most reliable brand on the market, experiencing issues with their engines, fuel system, non-electrical systems and the axle and suspension. Though many will report these issues, there are also a lot of owners that will state they have had their vehicles for several years and experienced any problems.

Which car is cheaper to maintain Mercedes or BMW?

Consumer Reports also performed a study where they compared major car brands cost of maintenance over a ten year period. What they found was that BMW was the most expensive at an average of $1,125 a year in general maintenance. Mercedes Benz was coming in at second at an average of $1,085 a year.

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