When should I tether my car seat?

As soon as you install a forward-facing car seat with a harness (or convert your rear-facing to forward), you must use a top tether. Top tethers are meant to secure forward-facing seats to keep them from tipping forward in the event of a crash. Without the tether attached, a seat can be thrown 4 – 6 inches forward.

What happens if your car doesn’t have a tether anchor?

If your car doesn’t have top tethers anchors — some older models don’t — your car dealer can retrofit them for any car dating back to 1989. Just step into a dealership; they can do it for you or provide you with an anchor kit.

Is top tether mandatory?

It is the law in Alberta that a tether strap must be used for all forward-facing safety seats.

Can I install car seat without tether?

Older Vehicles may not Accommodate Forward Facing Car Seats

In a car without tether anchors, the Graco Extend2Fit lets this 4 year old continue to safely rear face. … Rear facing car seats fit just fine in many vehicles that don’t include factory-installed tether anchors becuase they don’t require a top tether.

When should I stop using LATCH?

In order to use the LATCH system, the sum of the child’s weight and the weight of the car seat must be no more than 65 pounds. Since most car seats weigh upwards of 20 pounds now, many manufacturers recommend that you stop using the LATCH system when a child reaches 40 pounds.

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Can you install high back booster without LATCH?

The good news is that our booster seats are still perfectly safe to be installed without LATCH (UAS) in the event that the connectors are unable to be used.

Do booster seats need a top tether?

Booster seats

If the booster seat comes with a tether strap, it must be anchored to the child restraint anchorage point. However some booster seats that meet the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 1754) do not come with a tether strap and therefore do not need to be anchored in the vehicle.

What is a top tether?

A top tether is a fabric strap that secures the child seat to a tether point behind the rear car seat, usually at the back of the rear seat, the bottom of the trunk or on the ceiling. Check your car’s handbook for the exact location in your car.

Do you have to use the tether with Britax?

ANSWER: No. Child seats should be installed using only one installation method – either the vehicle’s seat belt and top tether (if anchor is available) or ISOFIX + top tether.

Do high back boosters need to be tethered?

Booster car seats need to be anchored, but the car model will determine if this is possible or not. Latching the seat into place requires one to pay critical attention to the directions provided by the manufacturer on the manual.

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