Your question: Does a Subaru have an interference engine?

Subaru has used both interference engines and non-interference engines over the years. Older model Subarus, those made in the mid-90s and earlier may be non-interference engines. However, anything made more recently is probably an interference engine.

Is a 2.5 L Subaru engine interference?

SUBARU vehicles manufactured up to and including 1996 typically non-interference SUBARU engines. The 1996 2.5L phase I DOHC engine is likely non-interference piston to valve, but interference between intake and exhaust valves.

Are all Subarus interference engines?

ALL 2.5L Subaru engines ARE interference engines according to

Is a Subaru 2.0 an interference engine?

The 2.0L 2014 Subaru Impreza models have a timing chain and an interference engine.

What cars have interference engines?

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  • Audi. • 1.8L 1.9L Interference. …
  • BMW. • 2.5L 325I 525I Interference. …
  • Acura. • All except SLX Interference. …
  • Chrysler. • 1.4L, 1.5L & 1.6L Interference. …
  • Fiat. • 1.3L 128 Series Interference. …
  • Ford. • 1.3L Non-Interference. …
  • GM and Saturn. • 1.0L Interference. …
  • GEO. • 1.0L Interference.

Are Subaru 2.2 Engines non-interference?

Maybe or maybe not.

Which SUBARU engines are interference? What SUBARU engines are non-interference?

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Year SUBARU engines Status
1996 SUBARU engines 1.8L EJ18 and 2.2L EJ22 non-interference
1996 SUBARU engine 2.5L DOHC phase I interference (valve to valve)
1997 SUBARU engines 2.2L and 2.5L DOHC phase I interference

How long do Subaru timing chains last?

The timing chain normally needs to be replaced between 80,000 and 120,000 miles unless there is a specific problem.

How often do Subaru timing belts fail?

For instance, Subaru recommends that the timing belt in the Legacy get an inspection every 30000 miles. That’s just an inspection, and they recommend a replacement every 105,000 miles.

How much does it cost to replace a timing belt on a Subaru?

Typically, you’re going to be paying somewhere between $550 and $1,000 to get a timing belt replaced in a Subaru Outback. The average price hovers around $700. Depending on where you get the job done can also affect the price of your Subaru Outback timing belt replacement job pretty significantly.

Does Subaru boxer engine have timing belt?

The only engines with belts that haven’t been equipped with timing chains are the high-performance ones. The timing belt must be inspected every 30,000 miles and replaced every 105,000 miles in the 2011 Subaru Legacy.

When should a timing belt be changed on a Subaru?

Luckily, Subaru uses timing belts rated for about 100,000 miles of use. The belt is installed under a cover deep inside the engine so road debris and fluid leaks can’t damage it. But, before your vehicle crosses that major milestone, you’ll want the timing belt replaced.

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