Do you tint both sides of a car window?

Tint is NEVER applied to the outside. They do this simply because it’s alot easier (and safer) than trying to do this process from inside the car. When they are done getting the film shrunk and cut to size, then they will take the piece and install it inside the car.

Does Window Tint go on both sides?

Window tints can be installed on both the interior and exterior sides of windows. … Those pieces are then placed on a large piece of glass and trimmed before being installed on the inside of the windows.

What side do you tint car windows?

New South Wales Window Tinting Laws

Same laws apply to NSW with front side windows at 35% VLT, back side and rear windows at 20% VLT. However, if the vehicle is fitted with two rear view mirrors, 35% VLT is allowed.

Is window tint on the inside or out?

Is the tint applied on the outside of the window? No. In most cases, window film is installed on the inside of the glass. … On vehicles, the window tint is hand-cut on the outside of the glass, then installed on the interior of the glass.

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How much does it cost to tint car windows?

Car tinting can cost anywhere between $50 and $600 for standard, non-reflective tint film. For a more sleek look, such as what you get with ceramic, metallic, or other specialty films, expect to pay closer to the $100 to $800 range.

What are the percentages for window tint?

Legal Maximum Window Tinting Percentage (VLT) Australia-wide*

States Front Side Windows (VLT%) Rear Window (VLT%)
NSW 35% 35%
NT 35% 15%
QLD 35% 35%
SA 35% 35%

What happens if I roll my window down after tint?

A common question from customers who have just put tinted windows on their car, is “Why Can’t I Roll Down My Windows After Tinting?” The answer is that the adhesives holding the tinted window film in place take time to dry, and until they do, friction caused by rolling down the window could scrape film from the glass.

Can window film be removed and reapplied?

While window film can easily be removed, it can’t be reapplied. Window film from The Window Film Company is a single-use product, designed to deliver a long lasting solution to a range of issues.

Can I roll my windows down 3 days after tint?

It takes some time for the tint to dry off against the glass surface. In case you roll down the panes too early, chances are high that the tinted coating would peel off. This is why seasoned professionals recommend car owners to wait for approximately three to four days after getting it installed.

Can you see through tinted windows at night?

Daylight is brighter than your interior lights, which is why it works during the day. However, that’s not the case at night. Having your lights on at night negates the reflective effect, which is why people can see inside.

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